About Kristofer's Chocolate Express

Kristofer's Chocolate Express was founded in 1982 by Warren Roberson. Warren was a hard working steel mill employee with a wife and five children. Faced with a potential layoff at the mill, Warren was facing a dilemma. In the event he loses his job, how does he provide for his family? He spoke with the Vice President of a local chocolate manufacturer who got Warren started in the candy industry by allowing him to sell their holiday products locally at a wholesale price for a few months, eventually allowing him to be a distributor of all products year round. Warren then branched out to a few Haribo gummie products before setting up a frequent route to Chicago in order to pick up Jelly Belly's in his delivery van. This allowed him to save on the cost of shipping and get the best price possible for his customers in order to stay competitive with the much bigger distributors he would eventually have to compete with. All of this while continuing a full-time job at the mill that coincidentally never laid him off.

Warren and his family constructed shelves in the basement of their home, set the temperature just right and their first "warehouse" was complete. All that was left was a name. A proud, yet humble man; Warren did not want to put his own name on the company. So he named his company after his youngest child Kristofer who was not yet a year old. Kristofer's Chocolate Express was born. For seven years, Warren worked nights at the steel mill and days for his own company. He went out on the road to deliver to his existing customers across the midwest, while using his winning attitude and genuine personality to pick up more business. His wife Conni answered the phones and took orders while his older kids and their friends, now in high school or college, worked after school filling orders and stocking shelves. Eventually, Warren allowed himself to retire from the steel mill and concentrate solely on candy and chocolate. Hard work and dedication to his family, his company and his customers eventually led to larger warehouses and more delivery vans and employees.

Warren passed away from cancer in September of 1999. His selflessness, kindness and spirit live on through his company to this day. Still very much the family company it started out as, Kristofer's is owned by Warren's wife Conni. His daughter Kristin and his son Kristofer also work for the company that still takes on his personality to this day. Kristofer's Chocolate Express prides itself on taking a smaller percentage than most any other distributor in order to stay competitive. Just like Warren, we believe in customer service first and look forward to serving you with a smile on our face.